Been getting into the music of Ghost lately. The Japanese psychedelic group from the 1990s, not the Swedish theatrical metal band touring today. 🎵

Their albums are on Apple Music and YouTube

Started reading Not Alms but Opportunity by Touré F. Reed 📚

Aw, nuts. I’m leaving Knoxville just in time to miss Yo La Tengo at the Bijou Theatre. 🎵

Listening to “Flying Saucer 1947” album by Harry Hosono and the World Shyness 🎵

Finished reading Virtue Hoarders by Catherine Liu 📚

Started reading Virtue Hoarders by Catherine Liu 📚

Nice to see a spotlight on Jim O’Rourke’s music featured in Bandcamp Daily:… 🎵

I’m looking for a good entry point to Star Trek: I’ve never really watched any of the various series or movies before. People tell me TNG is good. What’s a good season or episode to start with? 🖖📺

How to prep, pack, and transport vinyl records the right way

I’ll be moving house soon, and crossing the Mississippi River for the third time in my life. Last time I didn’t have as many records and didn’t pack them this carefully. I got lucky that time I guess. Gonna be a lot more careful with my collection this time around.

Since the characters on “The Simpsons” never age, Homer and Marge (age 34-40) must be millennials now, right?

Started reading The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov 📚

Only really know this book from the Rolling Stones song. Trying to read more classics from the 20th century this year.

“If you want to understand what’s happening in America today, you need to understand what happened a generation ago right here in Waco.”

Listened to the first episode of Long Shadow: Rise of the American Far Right 🎙️

Listening to Marquee Moon by Television again 🎶🎵

The title track is incredible of course, but this is also one of those “flawless side one” albums for me.

Did someone order a tiny Gateway computer?

A small cowhide print box in the palm of someone’s hand

Baby bookworm 📚

A baby in an orange cardigan sweater looks at an open picture book in her lap.

Betty Bean: Tim, please stop this foolishness🔗

Yes, unfortunately Tim Burchett is my Congressman. Or more accurately, he represents the Tennessee Congressional district I happen to live in. If you want to know what’s up with the guy, well, so do his friends.

Finished reading The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel 📚


Clearleft Newsletter, March 2023 — Promises 📬

Making a comp for sign-off is like making a promise. When the finished product doesn’t match the comp, it’s like a promise has been broken.

By combining design and development, there are no promises to be broken. When you show something to the client, it’s already in the browser. It’s already in the final medium. Instead of saying, “we promise to make this,” you’re saying “here’s what we’re making.”

Finished reading I Must Resist, Bayard Rustin’s Life in Letters 📚

Checked and saw that the mp3s and stencils and everything at is still up after all these years (Twenty in fact). 🎵